Dr. Shaffer is familiar with all major forms of psychotherapy. In his experience,


children seem to respond well to the following approaches:


  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT; typically for children ages 7+). The main goal in this therapy is to teach the child relaxation techniques and coping skills so h/she is better able to regulate intense emotion, and respond (not react) in certain situations. Additionally, the 'C' in CBT helps the child become more aware of thought patterns, and change or modify thought patterns that are inconsistent with the given situation. 


  • Play-based therapy. Children who are 2-6 years-old tend to respond best to behavioral interventions (e.g., reward, labeled praise), AND child-led play. Children express their emotions through play therefore this is often the medium that can best help children express big feelings that are 'trapped inside.'

Individual Therapy

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