Dr. Shaffer runs social skills groups for all ages including high school students.


The following topics are addressed: 


  • Play skills such as joining in, sustaining play by sharing ideas, being open to others' ideas, sharing, taking turns.
  • Playing by the rules, compromising, ways of handling teasing and bullying.
  • Social media and Internet safety
  • Forming a social identify and 'reading the room' (social cues)
  • Regulating strong emotion in a social context
  • Social communication skills


Dr. Shaffer's groups are ongoing, but operate on a 12-week curriculum. For

children ages 3-5, groups are typically 3-5 children. In pre-K/K groups the groupsize can be up to nine children. Key Skills groups for elementary and high school students are typically no larger than 5 children. 


For more information about Dr. Shaffer's social skills groups please Contact Us. 

Social Skills Groups

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